Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It's All Good.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic.Driving over 120 kilometres to school daily has started taking its toll on me but it beats staying at home and gently wasting away on the sofa watching television. The public transportation is not a better alternative either.It would mean leaving home by half six in the morning and getting home late in the evening with no time for Josh.so never mind the stress,I'll drive to Timbuktu just to spend time with my boo!
In the last couple of years, I have done a lot of stressing, worrying and struggling in a bid to survive the proverbial rat race.As the years roll by I constantly nag myself to depression wondering when I'll "make It". However, no matter how hard i tried, i just could not reach my own standard.Many times that tiny familiar voice would whisper negative words in my ears reminding me of past failures, mistakes wrong decisions and lost opportunities.
Of course if you don't measure up to the world's standards or expectations, you will end up doing desperate things or getting lost in the pit of depression.I belonged in the other group. it was 3 years of utter darkness and misery. Dwelling in a deep,dark, hole without hope in sight.The sun would not shine in my world or it shone but i could not see its light. Imagine a world without the rainbow,absence of colours just plain darkness.Its hard to comprehend isn't it? reality could be very harsh or should say I life could be very harsh.
The sad truth is a lot of people dwell in the valley of despair where life is gloomy and repressive.Depression and suicidal thoughts are their constant companions.It is a state of life that is devoid of life and praise. unbelievable don't you think? Sadly even young kids are trapped in this horrible den.
Unfortunately,the web of depression and its entourage is a weapon of the devil. All the negative emotions and thoughts are all lies-a ploy of the devil to distract and destroy lives.
WAY OUT-The word of God. it is the mirror through which we see ourselves.It is the revelation of Christ Jesus. The mirror is not distorted, blemished or broken.it offers hope and life to the broken,dejected and rejected.
In the mirror of God's words "we are beautifully and wonderfully made". Everyone is beautiful and special.It doesn't matter how dirty or horrible the past was,it is the past. Our "now"and future matters to God.
It is no use crying over spilt milk or wondering and worrying about the future so why not rest in the arms of love(JESUS).let Him take the load off your feet.
The drive to school is tiring, stressful and expensive but i get to spend time with josh.He compensates for every aching muscle with his little hugs and kisses. Remember that no matter how hard it seems, it's all good if you look around the bend.

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